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Client Services Requistion Forms

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- You must fill out and include a Requisition Form with all specimens.
- The PDF Version may be printed out, then handwritten.
- The form can also be filled out in full or in part online, then printed.
- When printing the online form, make sure the print margins are set to .25" or less
- After completing the Requisition Form, please review and fax it to: 303-724-9933

Combined PDF Requisition Form: Click Here to Download the PDF Requisition Form

Client Services Supply Request Form

Client Services Submittal Form - Enter Your Information and Click Submit to Order Supplies
Start by entering your office information, then choose the supplies which you will need.
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The following supplies are provided at no cost. Enter the quantity desired in the boxes below. For any item which you do not need, leave the corresponding box blank.
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Formalin jars   box(es)
Saline bottles (for direct IF)   bottle(s)
Labels (30 per sheet)   sheet(s)
Biohazard bags   bundle(s)