University of Colorado Dermatopathology Consultants


Requisition Forms
  • Dermatopathology surgical requisition forms for CU Dermatopathology Consultants can be downloaded and printed as hard copies here.
Labeling, Packaging and Handling
  • Specimens should be placed in a sealed specimen bottle that has a label. The label must contain the patient's name, site and date of collection. Formalin warning labels are required.
  • If critical patient or specimen information is missing, the case will be returned to the submitting office.
  • Specimen bottles and specimen bags can be obtained by calling our office (303-344-1290).
  • Place biopsy bottle in biohazard bag and put requisition in separate pocket for each patient.
Appropriate Specimens
  • Appropriate specimens include formalin fixed skin or mucosal biopsies only.
  • Specimens may be formalin fixed shave, punch, or excisional biopsies.
  • Large specimens may require larger specimen collection bottles. A 20:1 ratio of formalin to tissue is recommended.
  • Multiple biopsies from different sites (inflammatory skin conditions may be an exception) must be placed in separate containers.
  • Submitting health care providers should include pertinent clinical information and pre- and/or postoperative diagnosis or differential diagnosis.
  • Clearly print or type any special instructions (e.g., process for alopecia, PAS for fungus, etc.)
  • Separate requisitions and bottles are required for both DIF and H & E testing.