University of Colorado Dermatopathology Consultants


Things To Remember:

- Label the vial properly
- Fill form out completely. All IF Specimens must be submitted on CU Dermpath Requisitions located on this site.
- Tighten vial lid
- Do not place biopsy in Formalin. If specimen is received in formalin, it will be returned to the submitting office.
- Biopsies in IF Fixative should stay at room temperature
- This is a “Skin Immunofluorescence Laboratory”. Specimens should be from the skin, the conjunctiva of the eye, or the anterior oropharynx only. We do not perform testing on lung, kidney, or gastrointestinal/aerodigestive specimens.


The IF laboratory is located at;
12635 E Montview Blvd.
Bioscience Park, Suite 160
Aurora, CO 80045
Phone: 303-344-1290


Office hours are from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Turnaround Times:

Samples are usually processed and completed processed within one business day after receipt. Typically, you will receive a report one business day after the lab receives your sample.

Transport Medium:

We will supply you with IF fixative (also called Zeus fixative or Michel’s media) based on prior submission volume from submitting office. Simply call the office coordinator or place your order online. This media should remain at room temperature. A biopsy accidentally placed in formalin, if only for a few seconds, will be unusable for IF and under no circumstances will a biopsy be processed. Please keep this in mind before sending a sample accidentally placed in formalin, as it could read falsely negative. Please note: if no Michel's media is available, the sample can be placed in saline solution. It must then be shipped within 24 hours.

Taking the Biopsy:

A punch biopsy is preferred (3-4 mm); however, shave and excision biopsies are also acceptable for processing. Biopsies for immunobullous diseases are best if taken from non-lesional skin that is 1 to 2 cm away from a lesion. Make sure the biopsy is fully immersed in IF fixative before tightening the vial lid. The biopsy should be kept at room temperature until it reaches the laboratory.

Shipping Instructions:

You can send your samples via USPS mail or overnight delivery. Please ensure the lid or stopper is tightened and then place in a biohazard bag. It is of the utmost importance that the lid on the vial or stopper on the tube is tightened before being shipped. Include the completed requisition form making sure it is in a separate area of the biohazard bag. Please get the biopsy to our lab within one week after placing in fixative.

Courier Instructions:

If the sample is to be delivered by courier, it is not necessary to package in anything but a biohazard bag. The courier should take the sample to Suite 120 in BioScience - East. The samples should not be left anywhere else.

Requisition Forms:

The IF requisition form provided must be utilized for submit IF biopsies. Click Here to Download the PDF Requisition Form. It is essential that the doctor’s name, clinic address, fax number, and patient name be provided on every requisition form submitted. Please clearly mark if the patient has any infectious diseases, especially TB, Hep B, Hep C and HIV.


Billing is done by University Physicians Inc (UPI). Please note whether you want UPI to bill your office or the patient’s insurance company. For billing questions, please call 303-493-7700. Please do not call the IF laboratory